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Frequently Asked Questions

Good quality extensions are expensive and hard to find! When purchasing, you should do all you can to protect your investment. The following are some great tips on how to preserve your extensions (installed or not yet installed).

Avoid Cutting the Wefts!

  • When installing your extension, please refrain from cutting the wefts as mush as possible.  An open ended weft allows the hair strands to come out.  Therefore, by cutting the wefts more shedding can occur.

  • If someone else is installing your extensions ensure they know prior to the start of services that you prefer not to have your wefts cut. 

Sealing Wefts,Wigs and Frontals

  • Sealing your wefts before installing can almost always eliminate shedding by up to 95%. There are many products out  that are distributed specifically for sealing the wefts of hair extensions. A popular product is Fray Block and can be found at your local craft store  

  • If you choose to bleach the knots on your Frontal, Closure or Wig , it is highly suggested you seal your knots with Acrylic Spray.  Acrylic Spray is available at your local craft store  

  • Sealing is recommended after each frontal wash/co-wash

Minimal  Heat!

  • Heat is known to tarnish and damage the hair strand. Believe it or not, extensions can obtain heat damage just like the hair growing from your scalp, especially if you’ve purchased curly or wavy human hair textures. Wrapping your hair each night is one of the many ways that you can keep your hair straight and smooth without using a flat iron or blow dryer daily.  In addition to wrapping your hair each night, you may also use large rollers to keep your hair looking healthy and feeling smooth.

  • Before applying any heat to your hair, C2S recommends that you use a heat protect-ant.  Keep in mind just like your own natural hair, your C2S hair needs protection.  C2S does not want your hair extensions to be come damaged and lose the natural curls or wave pattern that you selected.  


  • C2S not have any smells associated with our hair.  However its is recommended that you clean and condition your hair upon arrival.  Conditioning your hair helps ensure that your hair is property cleaned prior to use. 

  • Use warm water while washing hair to avoid damaging the extensions, the cuticles and your scalp.

  • Allow time for air dry but if you decide to blow dry PLEASE remember to use a heat protect-ant.

  • Our hair is extremely soft so we suggest if you seek professional colorist when dying your bundles. 


Condition Constantly

  • Using a good quality, moisturizing conditioner is the key to soft, shiny extensions. Co-washing the extensions weekly is a great way to keep the hair hydrated and the ends intact. Curlier and wavier textures of extensions definitely benefit from co washing 1-2 times weekly.

  • Examples of co-wash conditioners: Pantene Truly Naturals Co-wash Cleanser, Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner, Dove Moisturizing Conditioner.


Minimal Use of Shampoo

  • Most shampoos are composed of harsh sulfates, which can strip the hair of its moisture. This is why co-washing is recommended for human hair extensions. Only use shampoo if the hair has product buildup from the use of gels, edge controls and/or other hair care products.



  • Always use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush on extensions! No matter if the hair is curly, wavy or straight. This will keep shedding at a minimum, and keep the ends of the hair from splitting. It is always recommended to comb out hair with a wide tooth comb while the hair is wet or damp.

  • Gently brush your damp hair first with a paddle brush

  • Use Paddle brush while wet and with conditioner, brush from the bottom up this will cut down hair damage. Although C2S has limited to no shedding, brushing while dry avoids damage to your hair.


  • Please allow 48 hours for order processing

  • Once the order processes, your purchase will ship and you can expect to receive your product between 5-7 business days (or sooner, in most cases)

Returns and Exchanges

  • Returns are accepted within 3 days of receiving the product with the option of an exchange.

  • You may exchange an eligible item for a different item, excluding shipping charges and taxes.  

  • All products received in our Return and Exchanges department must be in its original condition.

  • We can not except any bundles that have been unraveled or manipulated in anyway.

  • Simply contact us and we will walk you through the return.


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